Drug and Alcohol Abuse is at an all time high in the past 10 years! More and more family members are dying. Get help while you can!

We emphasize a holistic path to healing that incorporates nutrition, fitness, and natural pain management, so our clients not only are able to recover from their addictions, but also heal themselves physically and spiritually. Our highly trained therapists guide each person through a process of discovery and healing on their path to sobriety, enhancing their wellness, nutrition, and inner balance, while helping them build a support network that will help them to remain sober. We offer range of therapy and programs that include EMDR therapy, anger management, relapse prevention tracks, as well as group therapy, individual and spiritual counseling.

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Call today to find the closest clinic in your area. All callers are kept confidential so the person that you are calling for will never know it was you who called for them. We don't even need your last name to get you or your family member help. Call now to find a treatment center closest to you.

You'll receive comfort and medical supervision during alcohol withdrawal Because no one can do it alone--those who seek help are more successful Each patient here is treated with respect, and given the tools to begin anew
We say detox is the first step, but really the acknowledgement to yourself that you have a problem and misuse alcohol is the first and most difficult step. Now, you can look to us to ensure that your longer-term recovery is successful by getting medically detoxed first.
Not only does a successful detox program rid your body of chemical dependencies, but it also addresses your emotional and psychological needs. That's why every person gets individual counseling and optional group counseling during their stay.

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